At 10:44pm Wednesday night, my buddy Wiz called and invited me a small gathering of 8 people – including Mike Tyson.  Tyson had a meeting in Chicago then found a private gym.  Rumors have swirled recently that Mike is planning a comeback.

Tyson ran on the treadmill for over an hour without a break:

“Fair warning,” Wiz said. “These guys don’t really social distance or whatever.  He’ll want to shake your hand.”

I was very tempted to go crack beers with Tyson, not gonna lie.  My ear lobe was bitten off in a bar fight back in my University of Iowa days and I thought that anecdote might be a good ice-breaker.

Then I envisioned rejecting Mike Tyson’s handshake and how that might go. 🤔

Figured it was best if I avoid the situation altogether.  Trying my best to follow the coronavirus rules, frustrating as they might be.

Tyson’s pal Mickey Gooch, actor and ex-boyfriend of Rebel Wilson, challenged former Bachelorette contestant Jamie Blyth to get in the ring with him.  Jamie knocked Gooch out with a clean hook, apparently ignoring the “no body shots” rule.


Bachelor guy kicked Gooch’s ass in front of Mike Tyson.

Yeah, things are weird during lockdown 2020.