The Nard Dog: Andy Bernard’s Top 23 Musical Performances

I’ll spare you Nard Pups an explanation of each song, because you already know The Office by heart.

  1. Which Me Am I Gonna Be Today?
  2. 1,2,3,4 Splendas in Your Coffee, Stanley
  3. Dunder Mifflin is a Part of Sab-ray (feat. Erin Hannon)
  4. Hey Mr. President (Little Girl song)
  5. What I Hate About You (Michael Scott Roast Edition)
  6. Rockin’ Robin – 4 part harmony (ringtone)
  7. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (feat. Big Tuna)
  8. Palpabon Drilling, Where Are You? (video above)
  9. Dunder Mifflin People Person’s Paper People (feat. Creed, Kelly, Kevin & Darrell)
  10. Roll Call/Foggy Mountain Breakdown Mashup (feat. Nard Dog on banjo)
  11. What Is Love/Night at the Roxbury (Beatbox)
  12. There’s A Place in France (feat. Nard Dog on sitar)
  13. I Try (Macy Gray cover LIVE at Loose Screw Playhouse)
  14. Take Me Home, Country Roads (feat. D Money & Erin Hannon)
  15. Take a Chance on Me (feat. Here Comes Treble/Live via conference call)
  16. Closer to Fine (feat. Big Tuna)
  17. Oompa Loompa (Dwight’s Gone Remix)
  18. Sweeney Todd (feat. Loose Screw Playhouse cast of Sweeney Todd)
  19. Zombie
  20. The Rainbow Connection (feat. Nard Dog on banjo)
  21. You Can Call Me Al (feat. Here Comes Treble)
  22. Lovefool/Say That You Love Me (feat. Big Tuna)
  23. 9,986,000 Minutes /Michael Scott Goodbye (feat. Dunder Mifflin staff & Deangelo Jeremitrius Vickers)


***BONUS TRACK***at the :44 second mark; Nard Dog Harmonization with The Hunted at ‘That One Night’ listening party


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