St. Patrick’s Day Spirit is Alive in Troubled Times

There won’t be any of the typical celebrating this year for the most Irish of holidays.  Chicago is on virtual lockdown due to the spread of coronavirus.  No pubs are open.  People are keeping a safe distance for the good of mankind.  Hopefully, we’re making all the right moves.

My neighborhood Facebook page set up a Shamrock Hunt for kids.  Bucktown residents are encouraged to put a shamrock in their window.  Families can then walk around – not in groups, obviously – and let the kids try and spot all the shamrocks.  Good stuff.

I continue to podcast from home on the Steve Dahl Show each day.  Janet Dahl suggested I follow the lead of the Italian DJ who played for quarantined citizens.  While we’re not quite under quarantine, there’s a weight in the air.  I figured, what the heck.  If it brightens 1 day, then it’s worth setting up my gear by the window.

I walked across the street to vote at my conveniently located polling place.  Brought my own pen, thanks to online advice.  I messed up my first ballot with a extra mark in one section.  The election judges gave me a fresh ballot and voided my first one.  I came home, washed my hands and started playing some Irish Rovers:

It didn’t go exceedingly well, initially.  My downstairs neighbors all liked it, but a nearby neighbor came a hit my buzzer to request I turn it down.  Bummed, I did so, eventually just turning it off.  But, alas, the same neighbor returned an hour later to explain she was a teacher trying to complete an online lesson.  She found the music relaxing but distracting.  She encouraged me to play more.  Very happy she came back to talk.  I opened the window and played a nice selection of classics from the Jolly Beggarmen and others.

My downstairs neighbors Ben & Libby are grilling bratwurst tonight, so I may join them for a beer after I drop the dog at his godparents.  I may also join them for a beer and a whiskey. They’re making chicken.  It will just be the 3 of us there.  It’s no time to mess around with large gatherings. I’ll come home and keep practicing social distancing for as long as this lasts.

Stay safe & Slainte


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