LaVine Finishes 4th in 3pt Contest

Zach LaVine put up a respectable 23 points in the first round of the NBA All-Star 3-point shootout.  Problem was, 3 guys put up more than 26 and only 3 advance.  If any casual fan thought Zach was only a dunker, however, he showed ’em.  Sucks that Chicago’s only representation in the All-Star activities lasted all of 70 seconds.  Zach should be playing on Sunday, but the NBA is stupid.

all star lavine united center.jpeg

Buddy Hield of the Kings took the 3pt crown.  Derrick Jones Jr. of the Heat won the dunk contest.  It went extra dunks, with Aaron Gordon earning multiple 50s.  But in the end, Gordon’s final dunk over 7-foot-5 Tacko Fall scored a 47, giving Jones the victory.  I was hoping LaVine would come out of nowhere and do the 360 FT line dunk we’ve seen on YouTube.  Maybe next year.  This weekend woulda been a lot cooler if the NBA gave the Bulls a little love and put some Coby and Zach in Friday and Sunday’s games.

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