No Coby White, But Zion Put on a Show At Rising Stars Game

Zion Williamson bent a rim and wowed the crowd during Friday night’s Rising Stars game at United Canter.  Here’s a video of a jaw-dropping, albeit missed, dunk (courtesy of my buddy Blats):


That’s entertainment!  I didn’t feel like watching the game because I feel the NBA did the Bulls dirty by not including Coby White.  He’s one of the best rookies, but got snubbed.  They picked Wendell Carter Jr. as a sophomore, knowing he was injured.  Then they replaced him with a non-Bull.  I call bullshit.  Zion is awesome, and Luka Doncic is unreal.  But these no-defense at all games aren’t fun to watch for me unless I have a rooting interest.  Watched the last couple years when Lauri played, but my concentration drifted when he left the floor.  Let’s bring 80s and 90s defense back to the game.



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