Cubs Keep Giving Out Sammy’s #

Steven Souza Jr. is a new member of the Cubs outfield.  He’s a talented hitter coming off some long-term injuries.  I’ve got high hopes for him.  The organization did him no favors assigning him #21, however:

Click on the Tweet and read the comments.  Multiple calls for the new Cub to change his number, which many feel belongs to Sammy Sosa forever.  Either this is a clever maneuver by a Sammy fan within the organization to undermine Crane Kenney and the Ricketts – because Souza’s name is so similar – or it’s a slap in the face to the smeared baseball legend.  Cubs fans, by and large, have fond memories of Sosa.  He made the organization shit tons of money.  The Ricketts bought the team long AFTER Sammy was traded away.  Which means it’s Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney holding the grudge against Sosa. He’s the only holdover.  Or perhaps old man Joe Ricketts saw these pictures (below) from Sammy’s birthday party in Dubai a couple years back and thought Sosa was a Muslim.  We all know how Joe Ricketts feels about the Nation of Islam.

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Remember when Tom Ricketts claimed he wasn’t booed at the Cubs Convention?  They we’re yelling BOO-urns!


The Cubs owner may be just delusional enough to think he’s more popular amongst fans than Sammy Sosa.  For my next trick, I’ll refuse to pay Kris Bryant what he deserves!  To save on taxes, am I right Todd?  Then they’ll love me even more! 

Enough of this silliness.  Sammy saved baseball in 1998.  The Ricketts hired Theo and Joe and won a championship in 2016.  Sammy may or may not have taken PEDs.  The Ricketts may or may not have suburbanized Wrigleyville.  How hard is it to open your arms to someone who never wronged you personally? Former teammate Terry Adams says in the comment section under Souza’s post that #21 shouldn’t be worn.  Kerry Wood – once falsely blamed for smashing Sammy’s loud boombox – wants him back at Wrigley.  Leaving the clubhouse early  in 2004 is the most overstated story by media folks with personal distaste for Sosa.  It means little to the average fan.  The season was over.  Who cares if Sammy didn’t stick around for all of Game 162?  I’m guessing Mickey Mantle bailed on a game or two with unexcused absences.  Cal Ripken Jr., too?  No, that rumor is false.

Barry Bonds was on the 49ers sideline at the Super Bowl, repping San Francisco.  He’s welcomed and honored at Giants games. Bring Sammy home to Chicago.  And stop giving out his fucking number.  Not to Jeromy Burnitz, not to Junior Lake and not to Steven Souza Jr.  I’ll say in the organization’s defense, they’ve not given it to a young star with the potential to become a legend in his own right, like Nico Hoerner.  No offense to you, Steven.  Welcome to the Cubs’ obsessive and sometimes-irrationally-angry-about-a-number fanbase.


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