Gino’s East Frozen Pizza is Just OK

Gino’s East was on sale at Mariano’s the other day – 2 for $12 or something like that.  Saved a couple bucks.


Trustworthy Chicago brand name I’d never sampled. Packaged in a full cardboard box, hinting at quality.  My usual Home Run Inn and DiGiorno didn’t sport markdowns and wasn’t feeling like a budget option such as Jack’s.

Opened the box and the pizza comes on a cardboard circle, the sign of a low-end frozen pizza.  Had the diameter and crust of a low-ender, too.  But, the sausage was true Gino’s East – thick, meaty bites.


Cooked up alright on my Pizza Pizzazz, but proved to be far inferior to a Home Run Inn.  It’s got a tasty crust, in the manner of Gino’s.  That plus the sausage ranks it slightly above Tombstone, Jack’s, etc.  But it’s still in that category overall.  Doesn’t reach that upper echelon frozen pizza status of a Home Run or DiGiorno.  I’ve got another in the freezer, so I’ll eat it.  But I might utilize it as an after bar snack rather than a Friday night special meal.




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