Lunch at Michael Jordan’s Restaurant

I had a meeting in Oakbrook and the building happened to be right next to Michael Jordan’s Restaurant on 22nd Street.  I was fortunate enough to attend the grand opening a few years back & hang in the vicinity of His Airness.

It was after lunchtime, but I hadn’t eaten – so I stopped into MJ’s following my meeting.  Just wanted something light, so I opted for the turkey sandwich – with a side salad.  Look at me, being all effing healthy.



On the lunch menu, it’s called the Roast Turkey & Avocado – and it’s a spectacular sandwich.  Wouldn’t expect anything less from MJ.  Turkey, bacon, avocado, tomato, cucumber, sprouts & herb mayo on buttery multi-grain bread.  Salad did what salads did, filled in the gaps in my eating, simple fresh side salad.

I ordered a Coke and dude refilled me before I had to ask.  Also brought out the check in a super timely fashion.  Sometimes I hesitate going to a sit-down place for lunch because I know I might get stuck trying to flag down a server to get my bill and GTFO.  Not an issue at Jordan’s.  My guy knew I wanted a quick exit and paved the way.

Lunch greatness.


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