Crab Rangoon from Thai Lagoon

Mmm! Special lunch delivery from a special admirer…Pad Thai from Wicker’s Park Thai Lagoon.


I’m a known fan of Pad Thai – and the Lagoon makes a flavorful chicken noodle dish.  It’s the side dish that diverted my attention, however.  If I’m ordering Asian food of any variety and opt for an appetizer – 9 times out of 10 it’s egg rolls and the 10th it’s potstickers.  Crab Rangoon never occurs to me.  The decision left in wiser hands on this fateful day led to a new discovery for a guy stuck in an ordering rut.  Crag Rangoon!  With a nizzzzzze sweet & sour dipping sauce.


Crunchy on the edges with a rewarding center, the Lagoon delivered a tasty Rangoon this afternoon.  Welcome to the rotation, Crab Rangoon.  Egg rolls, I’ve got some bad news for you…we’re decreasing your workload.





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