Philz Coffee almost has a bar feel

Philz Coffee in Wicker Park is crowded in the afternoon.  It’s kind of a lively atmosphere when you enter.  There’s 3 girls, dressed more like cocktail servers at a club than baristas, waiting to take your order behind a tall counter.   Without studying the menu, I ordered a medium coffee; black.  My bartenderista said she’d make me a Tesora.  “That’s our most popular.”  Good enough.  Careful not to spill any hot liquid on your exposed abs.

First timer as I was, I then glanced up at the vast menu.  Philz offers a beanload of blends for serious coffee drinkers.  Craft coffee – wise concept.


She called out – “Medium Tesora” and I claimed my order.  You go to a separate station to pay a more conservatively dressed cashier.  Around $4.80 for a big cup of coffee.  Hey, sometimes you pay for the atmosphere.  The crowd at Philz is young and fashionable and the environment is comfortable.  They play uptempo music at a low volume so you can get work done but feel like you’re out on the town doing cool shit.  I’m hooked on the place now.  The Tesora got me jacked on caffeine and the scene is trendy.  I’ll be returning to try all 477 varieties of Philz coffee beans and people watch.


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