Sometimes Onion Rings are ideal side

Art Jr.’s is a little dog stand on Armitage and Western. It used to be Sam’s Red Hots.  Sam’s shut down and Arturo’s Tacos took over its across-the-street neighbor.  The chili dogs are nice and I’ve come to really appreciate their Maxwell Street Polish.  So, even though there’s onions on the Polish, the onion rings were speaking to me on this particular day.  I might’ve had fry overload of late or just wanted a change of pace.  To be honest, Art’s fries are fine, but not my favorite type of fry.  Fries come with a Polish, but you can swap in rings.  My total (didn’t get a drink) was like $6 for all this niceness:


I was really proud of myself for choosing rings, because Art’s onion rings delivered on taste.  I pulled some ranch out of the fridge for dipping.  Congrats to everyone involved in this meal, from Art Jr. to the cook to the guy that took my order to me…the guy that placed a great order.  Some days, you’re just in the zone.

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