Boy, that was a terrible Bulls game

Ugly start, unglued middle, okay spurt at the end, tense postgame.

The Bulls went down 15-0 to Jimmy Butler, Kendrick Nunn and the Heat on Friday night. Lauri Markkanen ended the shutout with an inside score.

Zach LaVine got pulled by Jim Boylen 3 minutes into the game and called out by the head coach for defensive miscues. Zach disagreed during his own media session. Imagine the locker room isn’t a peppy environment.

I don’t know how to solve the Bulls problems, but as a fan in attendance I sure didn’t enjoy Lauri sitting the majority of the 2nd half. Guy is slumping, but immensely talented. I’d pay extra to get him more PT and shot attempts.

This season hangs in the balance of Boylen’s hard-edged style and the offense that seems to have disrupted the play of the Bulls two top scorers. Will adjustments be made in time to save the campaign? They take the floor in Charlotte tonight. Go Bulls.

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