Hey, the Bears Won! Enjoy it.

Mitch Trubisky at home against the Detroit Lions leads to positive results.  There’s just a level of comfort there, like an old pair of jeans.  For the second straight season, Biscuit ended up with 3 touchdown passes.  Nice ones, too.

Ben Braunecker hauled in a beauty, laying out to stabilize both ends of the football in the end zone before sliding out of bounds.  The ball was perfectly placed.  Mitch made the correct read and swung the ball out to the left, where Tarik Cohen caught it and scampered 10 yards to pay dirt.  Taylor Gabriel opened up and Trubisky hit him in stride for the 3rd score.

It’s really encouraging to see Trubisky have a solid, accurate day.  Getting a 20-13 win feels good, too.  Even if the playoffs seems pretty much impossible.  The defense isn’t what it was, what we all hoped it would be…missing Akiem Hicks is a giant part of that fall off.  Now they could be without Danny Trevathan for awhile.  He fucked up his arm in awkward fall atop the quarterback.  Nick Kwiatkowski stepped up big time – as he did in the Bears last win against Minnesota when Roquan Smith was out.  The linebacker brought the heat to Lions backup QB Jeff Driskell, proving his value as inside linebacker insurance.

Although we as fans are far, far from where we envisioned this season – let’s enjoy a victory Monday as snow falls across the Chicago area.  This season might not lead to the postseason, but crucial information must be learned about Mitch and the rest of the team before Week 17.  The showing against Detroit…I don’t know what it means.  Maybe Mitch has returned from the dark place – stronger and more confident?  Maybe he’s a late bloomer who just figured out what he was doing wrong.  Wishful thinking, perhaps.  But allow me that on what has become a rare victory Monday.

Bears at Rams next week.  I’ll be at the Coliseum in my Trubisky jersey.  Bear Down.

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