After Bad Loss to Lakers, Bulls Bounce Back in Atlanta

One thing I don’t expect at United Center is it sounding like a road game.  Yet, in the 4th quarter Tuesday night, Lakers fans were making too much noise for my liking.  As fans, we have to take some responsibility for that, making our tickets available for sale.  Of course, Lakers fans are suddenly emboldened with the teaming of LeBron with Anthony Davis.  By the way, Anthony Davis is not leaving Los Angeles next summer.  And if he does, he’s not coming to Chicago.  Kind of him to pretend it’s a possibility, I suppose.

The Bulls played better basketball for most of the game.  Then they collapsed in the 4th quarter.  Jim Boylen took blame for his team.  The home crowd wasn’t a true home crowd, emboldening Kyle Kuzma and Luke Caruso to erase a big deficit.  I take pride when I see how strong Bulls fans travel, even turning Fiserv into UC North when the Bucks are topping the East.  But the tables shouldn’t be turned on such a strong fanbase, even when the team record is disappointing.  I wasn’t at the game, so I’ll own some of that shame.  Don’t let Lakers fans – or any fanbase – come in to our house and turn it into a road game.

The end sucked.  But there were bright spots.  Coby White got going in the 1st half and finished with 18 points.  Great to see.  Wendell Carter Jr. continued his consistent, solid play.  He’s a leader on this team.  But, again, the loss sucked.

Good thing they got to play again Wednesday night.  And like Drederick Tatum did to Homer Simpson – they took their revenge on the Atlanta Hawks.

Tomas Satoransky dominated rising star Trae Young and led an aggressive team win.  Kris Dunn played incredible D.  Lauri made shots and drove the ball.  It was a blowout win they needed.  Otto Porter bruised his foot and sat out the 2nd half.  Chandler Hutchison played instrumental two-way ball in his stead, however.  Hutch could be a foundational piece.

Saturday the Rockets come to town.  Play Harden tough and let Russ shoot like crazy.  Start a winning streak and turn this season on its axis.  Go Bulls!



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