Burger King Sucks at Breakfast

On the way home from Notre Dame, we pulled over at a highway oasis featuring a Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s, Burger King & Sbarro.  My cousin Tom and his girlfriend Hannah set their sights on pizza.  But it was before noon and I had breakfast on my mind.  I’d recently had a pretty solid bacon & egg sandwich from Starbucks, but my longstanding hesistance about the coffee giant’s food swayed my hungover brain toward BK.  No one was in line, always a bad sign.  I feel safe predicting the kid taking my order isn’t bound for great things.  He forgot what I ordered 3 times and had to double-check.  I was the only customer.  What did you have to drink again?  Coffee.  Oh, yeah.  That’s right.  Coffee.  Tough one to remember, I guess.  To be fair, he was preoccupied telling the cook a story about how he lost his temper during a recent shift.  Burger King coffee is really dreadful.  And I like bad coffee.  Not like this, though.  How do you mess up coffee?  McDonald’s has really good coffee.  Just follow their lead, BK.  You’re owned by one of the greatest AM establishments in North America – Tim Horton’s of Canada.  Did none of that rub off on you?  Apparently not.  Because, in the King’s attempt to rip off the McGriddle, they fail miserably.  I ordered the Maple Waffle sandwich – sausage, egg & cheese on what claims to be a waffle bun (in place of the McGriddle pancake) and could only stomach one bite.  It’s tasteless.  Not to mention, unappetizing:


I abandoned the garbage sandwich and beelined for Sbarro for a pepperoni slice, saving my day.  I should’ve had that in the first place.  Back home in Chicago, I stopped at Starbucks for an actual coffee.  Never going to BK before noon again.  Whoppers only.

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