D Rose & Joakim Reunion + Bulls Win!!

When Derrick Rose entered the game in the 1st quarter, the crowd stood and gave him the ovation he deserved. Followed by MVP chants. How many opposing players get that reception in Chicago? I can only remember one other: Wizards Michael Jordan.

While it was hard to see D. Rose in Pistons colors, it was exhilarating to watch him flash into the lane with his signature quick first step and finish at the rim, like always.

If emotions weren’t high enough already, Joakim Noah appeared on the scoreboard – there to watch his brother D. Rose return to the place they once captured the hearts of an entire city. After the game, they exchanged hugs.

Oh, yeah…I almost forgot – the Bulls won a game!

Zach LaVine and an aggressive hot-handed Otto Porter provides the scoring while Wendell Carter Jr., Mr. Consistent, brought the muscle, rebounding and defense. They had just enough to shake off a 20-20 performance by Andre Drummond and 23 & 6 from D. Rose. Detroit has injuries aplenty, so those are really their 2 guys right now. I’ll still take the win.

I went in thinking I wanted a Bulls victory and for D. Rose to have a good night. Both came true. Perfect.

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