Hot Scene at Ramen-San

Recently I’ve dined at the River North Ramen-San as well as the Fulton Market location.  River North, as you know, is always jumping.  Ramen-San is right next to the hugely popular Il Porcellino and beneath what was once Studio Paris.  It’s crowded, being in that neighborhood, but well laid out.  I cancelled my table reservation at the hostess stand, opting to sit at the bar instead.

The bartender loosely resembled Ruby Rose and kindly deciphered the menu (told me that “chashu” means pork) and poured some choice sake over ice for my refreshment.

IMG_0830 2.jpg

Tokontsu is the pork & egg ramen I inquired about…and it was a warm delight, alongside a cold delight – the Asahi Japanese lager on draft:



Obviously I knew this wouldn’t be my last visit to Ramen-San.  But why not visit the fastest-growing neighborhood in the city, Fulton Market, and check out the Ramen-San on Green Street?  Seemed like a perfect date spot – and I was correct. Made an 8:30 reservation and started out with some cocktails, an Okinawa Ol’ Fashioned – that’s Rittenhouse Rye & Okinawa sugar.



The appetizer to go with is the raw tuna sesame crisps – they’re crunchy fucking dynamite:

IMG_0831 2.jpg

Could eat an entire meal of ’em.  But I went with the green curry shrimp ramen & my date chose the special yellow curry chicken ramen.  Spicy in all the right ways.  Instead of dessert, we opted for sake bombs – she’s cool like that.  That’s the way to end a dinner.  Then out into the ever-evolving Fulton Market party zone.

ramen san fulton market.jpg

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