United gates at O’Hare – could be worse

You take a deep breath when you’re preparing to cattle through the world’s busiest airport.  But for all the people that fly through O’Hare – it gets the job done more often than not.

Of course, I’m lucky to live near the Blue line – just and 8 minute walk from my front door.  If you’re fortunate enough to encounter zero resistance aboard the L and the train keeps a movin’…that sucker pulls right up into the sphincter of O’Hare.  Yank your bag through the oversized exit gates and walk – don’t just stand on – the moving walkway:


Couple escalators up and you’re ready to wait in the security line – assuming you check-in online and carry your bag.  Always a toss up how security will go…but get there with time to spare and you’ll pinball through the process eventually.  United is the dominant airline at O’Hare – home court advantage.  The C terminal, which I’ve ended up in lately, has plenty of food options, from Billy Goat to deli sandwiches to Nuts on Clark.

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 2.06.39 PM

There’s also a few spots to grab a beer…or a Bloody, for you morning travelers.  Spacious enough terminal to find breathing room and deal with the hassle of flying.  Plus, for me, I’m only taking 1 L ride instead of transferring to the Orange in the Loop and going all the way to Midway.  As much as I like Southwest, I don’t mind the assigned seats of United.  I may be changing airline allegiances.  58743796918__46C7341C-5F5A-45C6-A781-0BCF18EFD9DD.jpg



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