The Uncle Lenny in Skokie

Kaufman’s Deli is to sandwiches what the sun is to warmth.


Located at 4905 Dempster in Skokie, it beckons lunch-seekers.  Go ahead and drive past, you’ll pull a U-ee and end up in the parking lot with watery mouth.

The friendly deli counter folks will greet you and patiently let you peruse the menu.  I recommend the Uncle Lenny: Roasted turkey, soft salami, lettuce tomato & mayo.


It’s a big, beautiful sandwich.  You might end up taking half to go, especially if you fill up on Jays Shoestrings like I did.  But when’s the last time you got a bag of Jays Shoestrings? IMG_0597

Kaufman’s has ’em…among dozens of potato chip choices. And if you like a wide selection, check out the mustard shelf.


More mustard than Dwight Schrute’s short sleeve shirt collection.

Go to Skokie.  Maybe tomorrow for lunch.  Or this weekend.  Kaufman’s sandwiches will bring you immediate joy.


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