This Curry is Spicing up My Life

Weird to think I got hooked on Thai food in Dublin, of all places, but that’s what happened.  Suddenly can’t get enough of it.  Found this place Pho’s Thai Cuisine on Grubhub.  I order from the one in Lakeview, but they’ve got locations in Lincoln Square and Rogers Park, too.  Same thing every time, at least once a week: 1 Panang Curry w/chicken & 1 chicken Pad Thai.  Delivery is fairly quick.  Settled in to eat around 9:45pm while taking in some postseason baseball last night.  Layered my plate with rice and then topped it with this beauty:


It brings spice, but with full flavor.  The Pad Thai you can see in the background.   Tasty noodle dish + chicken is meaty.  Sometimes I dump some of that curry sauce on the Pad Thai to kick things up a notch.  Have a majority of the Pad Thai left and a little less than half of the Panang curry left.  Expect to eat it all for lunch today.  Thai food can be a risky lunch, all spicy and sometimes tumultuous to the tummy.  But I ate it for lunch before our Hooters outing last Monday and everything was fine.  Told you I’ve been eating it often.  When you find a good Thai delivery place, it’s a long term relationship.  Pho is my spot for now.  I’ll be seeing their delivery guys regularly for the foreseeable future.



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