Capriotti’s on Wabash in the Loop

Capriotti’s is a sandwich chain based out of Delaware and a couple years back they forged into Chicago with one location on Wabash and between Lake & Randolph and another in the West Loop on Aberdeen.  On my walk from the Clark/Lake Blue Line to NBC Tower I used to take various routes, desperately seeking sandwiches.  I went in blind and ordered the Bobbie – which is highlighted on the menu as “best sandwich in America” or something.  It might even say it was voted best sandwich in America.  I didn’t vote, or even realize there was an election.  Typical American.  Friendly customer service and they bring it out to your table.  I immediately understood why the American people voted this sandwich into office.  It’s Thanksgiving on french bread.  Real turkey with stuffing and cranberries.  Plus mayo.


It’s a mean motherfucker.  The Bobbie instantly became a crucial sandwich in my lunch rotation.  I was so proud of it I even Grubhubbed a bag of ’em in for my co-workers.

My boss enjoyed the Bobbie but banned me from eating it because he feared the stuffing combined with the Thanksgiving-style turkey and the overall enormity of the sandwich would put me in a coma and make me an ineffective afternoon worker.  I fought the sanctions to no avail.  But I was hooked, so I’d sneak ’em and not tell anybody.  It was simple to counteract any tiredness with a post-lunch coffee.

I was so hyped on this sandwich at one time – I kid you not – I researched franchise opportunities.  Turns out it’s about a $250,000 franchise fee just to get started.  So probably not worth quitting my job to start a franchise closer to me in Bucktown.  Because my underlying goal was more about wanting the sandwich nearby.  Besides, I know nothing about the sandwich chain industry and don’t have $250K to throw around anyway.

But I lost touch with the Bobbie over the past several months.  Today I revisited an old favorite for lunch.  Hello Bobbie.  I opt for a bottle of water instead of a pop because the stuffing can be a little salty.  $16 for a 10″ sandwich and a bottle of water.  There’s shorter sandwich options that bring the total down to 10 or 12 bucks.  But still on the expensive side for lunch.  I’d just have to sell about 20,000 Bobbies to recoup the 250K.  I’ll sleep on it after I finish the sandwich.


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