Omelet You Finish in a Minute…

Shokolad is a little Ukrainian bakery & cafe a block west of Western on Chicago Ave. I came hungry and they didn’t disappoint. My wonderful waitress served me a high quality cup of coffee and a personal carafe of drinking water with a smile.

I ordered a chicken mushroom omelet with a side of bacon(shout out to Jim Gaffigan) and…well, just look:

If I knew the Ukrainian word for awesome, I’d use it now.

At breakfast, I always order too much food, because I’m American. My strategy then becomes to prioritize the eggs, bacon & toast. Don’t want to fill up on hash browns, because they’re normally an afterthought. Stomach filler. I ate my bacon, bread and enormous 3-egg omelet and, shockingly, I was full. I wadded up my napkin and was about to call it a meal. But I figured I oughta at least taste Shokolad’s potato offering. Holy Spud, these potatoes(shout out to Dan Quayle) were out of this world. Pota-Tens! No hyperbole. I was full as fuck but I kept shoving wedge after wedge into my face hole. Buttery, seasoned & cooked precisely right. It might make me rethink my breakfast strategy. Doubt I’ve missed out on a breakfast tater of Shokolad’s magnitude, but you never know. And knowing is half the battle(shout out to G.I. Joe.)

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