Begyle Brewing Continues to Impress

Snatched up a 4-pack of tall boys as I groceried (I know it’s not a word, but might as well be. Simpler than “went grocery shopping”) Monday because 4-packs are a thing now. Beglye’s beer caught my tongue in the past, but the variety I’m familiar with was unavailable. Tried this Sunny Afternoon instead and it’s another winner. Polished one off each night this week either with a meal, post-workout or to alleviate Cubs game stress. My Wells on Wells koozie is meant for standard size cans, but it’s a gamer.

Enjoy Begyle beers and seems like I’m due for a trip to the brewery up in Northcenter. Cheers, it’s Friday. And I’m out of beer. Damn 4-packs.

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