No two cheese curds alike at L Woods

Had a business meeting at L Woods Tap and Pine Lodge in Lincolnwood on Saturday.  Always good to touch base with the network crew and look toward the future.  I got there first and sat down.  The waitress got me a Coke and I said, you know what, I’m ordering apps while I wait.  Opted for an order of cheese curds and a shrimp cocktail.  L Woods’ curd game is top notch.  Often you’ll get cheese curds at some bar and they’re all a uniform size.  L Woods lets a curd be a curd, in every shape and size.


Golden curds with ranch dipping sauce.  Each one unique, like snowflakes.  Big shrimp, too:IMG_1411.jpg

When the crew arrived, we ordered a second round of curds to go with our ribs, which I’ll put up against any ribs in the city.  Half slab of BBQ baby back ribs was how I went.

Happy Labor Day.  As you return to work, remember to be true to yourself.  An individual, like a good curd.




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