Midsummer Grill Check

Trying to get the most out of my new Weber Spirit E-210 as the warmth has finally settled in around Chicago.

A couple recent meals:

My cousin – and staunch Jose Abreu supporter (BTW- how cool was Abreu’s strong statement at All-Star Game media day about how badly he wants to stay with the White Sox?  Appreciate that dude) Mike, assisted me in the preparation of some Johnsonville bratwurst – pride of Sheboygan Falls:


Boiled ’em in Coors Light before throwing ’em on the grill.  Drank the Sierra Nevadas:


Turned out pretty well:


Bought some boneless thin chicken breasts from Jewel and marinated with La Preferida taco seasoning for grilled chicken tacos.  Really proud of how taco night progressed:


Grill out all you can, while you can, it’s already early July!




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