Snoop Dogg in Logan Square

Snoop isn’t an early evening type of guy.  He took the stage just before 11pm at Concord Music Hall Saturday night, blunt in hand.  About 15 minutes before Snoop graced the stage, he did send out a pair of dancers to set the mood utilizing stripper poles on either side of the stage, spinning to Rihanna’s ‘Work’ and other pole-friendly hits.  Finally, big Snoop arrived and the place went nuts.  Uncle Snoop brings along a presence and an aura.  IMG_0668.jpg

The Doggfather hasn’t hit it big on the charts of late, but his catalog is deep.  He mixed in collaborative hits from the ’00s like P.I.M.P., California Girls, Drop It Like Its Hot & I Wanna Fuck You, utilizing a gun that shoots money to make it rain on the strippers and the crowd:

IMG_0670 from Brendan Greeley on Vimeo.

Snoop rolled it all the way back to the Doggy Dogg era, too, amidst a multiple choice quiz for the crowd:

IMG_0673 from Brendan Greeley on Vimeo.

He saluted Nipsey, Biggie and, of course, 2pac:

IMG_0675 from Brendan Greeley on Vimeo.

Like Snoop alluded to, he should be on your bucket list.  A born entertainer with plenty of recognizable songs, even if you’re not big into him.  NOTE:  I am.  But he dropped in some surprises, like ‘Jump Around’ and his own Pharrell & Timberlake collabo “Signs” – a tune I’ve always enjoyed.  Plus, whenever Snoop plays Chicago (this was my 4th time seeing him, all locally) he includes ‘That’s That Shit” – a vastly underrated jam he did back around ’07 or ’08 with R. Kelly – in which he shows a lot of love for the “312” and Midwest women.

Best to see Snoop in the summer, because if it’s during NBA season he refuses to take the stage until the Lakers game is over.  If they’re playing at home, sometimes those games don’t end until after midnight.  I saw him at Metro once and the Lakers went into overtime.  Didn’t really bother me, but worth noting in case you make future plans.


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