Came Across Old Photo of Gorgeous Cheese Fries

Isn’t this styrofoam container of cheese fries a sight to behold?


The gyros doesn’t look as appetizing, but trust me it was.  My gyro handling was sloppy that day after a visit to Dugan’s on Halsted for some beer and popcorn.




The popcorn only served to stimulate our appetites – so the next stop was Mr. Greek Gyros on Jackson & Halsted – Greektown’s last surviving 24/7 gyros restaurant.


(Note: I still mourn the loss of Greektown Gyros across the street.  How many nights ended there back in the day?  Many.  Many many.  My buddies even had an Antoine Walker sighting there once.)

But, Mr. Greek serves up the gyros and – as you can plainly see – top notch cheese fries.

Alright.  Now I’m ravenous for cheese fries.  And gyros.


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