Ditka Polish Sausage and the Old Town Art Fair


Grilled up some Ditka’s hot polish sausages and Wahlburgers at my cousin’s while pregaming for Old Town Art Fair with vodka lemonades.  Made with Lemonade-flavored vodka.  Mixed in a couple of New Glarus Two Women Lagers.


My cousin Sean brings a supply back every time he goes home to Milwaukee.  First time I tried a Wahlburger, pretty good.  Topped with jalapenos and cheddar, expertly grilled by Conor.


And he charred the Ditka polishes to perfection.


Impressive work all around.  Look at this plate:


Set me right for the day’s imbibing.  Conor is a mustard aficionado and got me to try Horseradish mustard.  I’m a straight yellow mustard guy, like a little kid.  But he challenged me to try a little on my Ditka, and darn it if I didn’t find it mighty appealing.  Could be a mustard breakthrough for me.


OTAF is one of the best street fests the summer has to offer, for my money.


Wells St. is plenty wide, so you never feel wedged in like at other fests.  Plus, there’s the fine art:


Chewbacca Pubes is ideal for any living space.  Speaking of nether regions, Saturday also marked the annual naked bike ride, which passed down LaSalle.  The pic is blurry, be thankful you don’t see all the wangs:


Gotta admit, it’s always pretty funny to see all the naked folks cycling.

After many a drink and a few bar stops, we made it back to the place for some tacos, from Forastero.


They were good.  I think I ate 3 or 4.  Unfortunately, it gave me another wind – which enabled me to go to another bar.  Closed my long day/night at Zebra Lounge.  Nice and dark there, worked for me.  Then I chose to take the CTA home at 3am – transferring Red line to Blue line all the way downtown at Jackson.  Not sure why I didn’t just hop in a cab for a cheap, 10 minute ride home.  But decisions are easy after the fact.  I stopped at McDonald’s after the train and grabbed a Big Mac meal.  At least I was well fed.  Ballbuster of a Saturday.  But that’ll happen from time to time when summer finally arrives.  The desire to stay out and stretch each warm day to its max is real.







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