Portuguese Water Dog at My Watering Hole

Ran into this friendly pup named Harriet at my local dog-friendly tavern & post-softball game hangout, Corner Bar.  Asked her owner if I could take a picture because she’s the spitting image of my boss’ late great Portuguese Water Dog, Millie, and I wanted to send a photo along.  Harriet’s owner informed me that she adores having her picture taken and would even pose upon request.  Here’s Harriet’s best “sit” look.


Sure enough, after I snapped the photo – Harriet followed me for a bit, hoping to do some more modeling.  She likes the photog attention.  My dog, not so much.  Although my sister Meg did capture a great shot of him smiling during a “former roommates” picture (Danny, me & Hank the dog shared a Ukrainian Village apartment for a few months back in 2012) at the park after the game.  Look at the smile on Hank.  Looking right at the camera, too.  Best pic he’s ever taken.



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