Tim Anderson is Great for Baseball

White Sox fans have known Tim Anderson as a top prospect; then a question mark and now a potential budding superstar.  His skill set has never been doubted; and the kid is finally putting it all together in 2019.  He finished with some decent numbers last season – highlighted by 20 home runs & 26 stolen bases.  A third of the way into this season, Anderson is ahead of that pace with 8 homers & 13 steals.  A higher on-base percentage, mostly thanks to a American League leading .335 batting average, will help Anderson’s stolen base numbers.  He was AL player of the month for April and should be a lock for the All-Star Game.

But those are stats.  Stats don’t always equal excitement.  Quiet consistency doesn’t put asses in the seats at Guaranteed Rate.  Tim Anderson does.  Dude is electric.  Heck, he’s 50% of the reason White Sox baseball has been watchable this sub .500 start to the season.  (Jose Abreu, Moncada & Jimenez & the sudden ace emergence of Lucas Giolito account for most of the other half.)

He’s not afraid to go on record saying “baseball is boring” and that he wants to liven the game up.  He hashtags his tweets #letshavefun.  He chirps at opposing teams via social media, a la Joel Embiid.

Bat flips are fun.  Lighten up, Royals.  Lighten up, old baseball fogies.  Embrace the youthful exuberance of bright stars.  Baseball needs ’em.  Mike Trout doesn’t feel the need to bring extra attention to himself, but he’s Mike Trout – the greatest baseball player a generation will ever see.  Trout doesn’t make national headlines, even when he goes 3-for-4 and robs a home run. This does:

Kansas City thought it was disrepectful.  So they beaned him.  Twice.  The second time in the helmet.  The teams fought.  Anderson has no love for KC:

Yes!  That’s what I want to hear as a fan.  Genuine dislike between teams builds rivalries.  Fans love it.  Like the Bulls vs. the Bad Boy Pistons or Ewing Knicks.  It’s A.J. Pierzynski making opposing players want to punch him.  It’s entertainment of the highest sports order.

Keep doing your thing, TA.  This is just the beginning.

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