Grilling Between Storms

It’s been difficult to break in my new Weber Spirit II E-210 propane grill with the nonstop rainfall in Chicago.  Monday was no different, weather-wise.  Finally a window opened up around 7pm and it stayed clear into the night.  I hopped in the car and bought a $16 porterhouse from Mariano’s.  Picked up some green peppers, too.

Fired up the grill and seasoned both with oil + salt and pepper.  5 minutes on each side, then it was time to eat.  The smell of steak had the dog salivating as I grabbed a beer out of the fridge and sat down to watch Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  Don’t have a dog in that fight – but I guess it’s in my Cubs-fan blood to root against St. Louis.  Plus, kind of amazing the run Boston sports is having.  Patrick Sharp was announcing the game and he told some funny stories about Bruins players talking shit to the Blackhawks back during the ’13 Finals.  Brad Marchand informed Sharp his kids were ugly.  Sharp laughed it off, saying “back then only my daughter was born and she’s beautiful” so he knew the guy was trying to get in his head.  Sharp says Marchand also told Patrick Kane he looked tired.  “Kaner won the Conn Smythe, so I guess he wasn’t too tired,” Sharp quipped.


By the way, I recommend sampling that Begyle Blonde Ale.  I’m not even an IPA guy but I really like it a lot.  The brewery is up in Northcenter on Cuyler, but you can get the beers wherever.  I picked up a sixer at Fresh Market.

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