Drinks, Fests and Games on Memorial Day Weekend

My cousin Conor welcomed some out of town guests this weekend and invited me to help show off the bars and festivals of Chicago.  Of course, I jumped at the chance.  I fueled up at En Hakkore with my favorite Korean BBQ tacos


I can’t get enough of those tacos.  But then I got a text from Conor: they were eating at Big Star.  I’d already filled my taco quota for the evening, so I grabbed a Jimador & ginger beer and sat at the bar while they finished up.  We headed over to neighborhood favorite Lottie’s and got after it.  Shots of Rumple Minze kept arriving.  The crew introduced me to new drinking game.  Everyone puts one finger on a center cup as so:


Then you take turns.  Each caller counts to three and yells out a number, while the other players choose to lift a finger or leave it be.  If you correctly predict the number of fingers remaining on the cup, you win and you’re out of the game.  The last one left has to drink whatever is in the middle cup.  I sucked at the game and drank a lot of whatever.  But I had fun.  I think.

The next day we hit brunch at Summer House on Halsted.  They mix a solid Bloody Mary. . IMG_9976

We hopped on the Brown Line at Armitage but got on a very stinky car.    Overwhelmingly smelly.  So we got off at Fullerton and waited for the next one.  We arrived at the Belmont/Sheffield street fest and it was a good one.   Watched dude after dude try to conquer this 100 second carnival game.  You win $100 if you could hang from a bar for 100 seconds.  75 was the closest anyone got.


I got some video:

IMG_9985 from Brendan Greeley on Vimeo.

Endless entertainment for the crowds of festival goers.

We regrouped over at Sheffield’s with some apps, cocktails, sangria and shots of Jameson.


Next it was time for the rooftop at Moe’s Cantina:


It was sort of dying out, however, as twilight set in.

The day/night eventually ended for me with a late night burrito from Lazo’s after a few more stops.  Filled my burrito quota, too.


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