Pizza, Bingo and Tamales

Softball team earned our first win of the season last night and celebrated at Corner Bar.  3rd baseman Moe Moe ordered a couple large pizzas (one cheese, one Roman style) from John’s Pizzeria on Western and we made short work of it when the delivery guy met us at the bar.  It was Bingo night at Corner Bar and a couple teammates won.


Prizes ranged from a sweet Corner Bar trucker hat to an air horn.  It’s a quirky place.


See that ad for the Memorial Day cookout (lower right^) with complimentary dogs, burgers & sides?  Corner bar is always doing cool stuff like that – like free buffets on Bears Sundays.

We stuck around long enough – draining enough High Life and a shot of Jameson for good measure – that Bingo ended.  Opened the door for us to feed the TouchTunes jukebox and welcome the Tamale guy.  Apparently pizza wasn’t enough for one night, because Moe Moe bought a bag of chicken tamales, as did our left fielder.


Softball, pizza, bar games, beer & tamales.  That’s a good evening.

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