16-inch Softball Season in Full Swing

Bud Rose’s record stands at 0-2 so far in the spring of 2019.  Our co-ed 16-inch softball team is named after a legendary Milwaukee police officer who was frat buddies with my old man at Marquette.  My sister Meg runs the team, historically with an iron glove.  But lately she’s learning to manage players with slightly more Maddon-esque sensibility.  We battled the best team in the league, The Enforcers, in an 8-6 loss in week one.  Last night we were slaughtered 10-0 by Got Orange? – arguably the 2nd best team.  Lots of mental errors to pair with our physical errors.  And silent bats…even though I brought 4 of ’em.



To be fair, we were shorthanded – playing without a short center.  Orange took advantage, rifling hits up the middle.  After 5 innings, it was mercifully over.  At least we saved some wear & tear on Marg’s arm – she’s our star pitcher.


Bud Rose gathered at Floyd’s postgame for chicken fingers and beers.  Meg reminded us that our schedule gets much easier from here.  See?  There’s that positive leadership we need.  It buoyed our spirits.


Bud Rose is consistently a middle-of-the-pack team, but I’m liking our playoff chances this year.  Either way, the plan is to keep it lighthearted and fun.  That’s what 16-inch softball is all about.


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