Orange Line to Midway and Blue Line from O’Hare

I flew out of Midway on Friday afternoon.  I often take the Orange Line on the way to my Southwest flight.  I’m off the Blue Line, so I transfer at Clark/Lake then take the long, easy ride to Cicero.  I like to sit backwards and watch the skyline grow smaller along the way:

The Orange Line delivers you right up inside Midway, almost to the terminal.  Prefer it to a cab or Uber, for reasons beyond the far lower cost.

Flew United home from Florida and landed at O’Hare on Sunday evening.  O’Hare is much bigger, so you’ve got a longer walk to the Blue Line platform.  Trains were packed, but it is the world’s busiest airport.  Blue Line is a little grimier than the Orange (not to say the Orange is mom’s kitchen clean) but the 24/7 lines are just dirtier because that’s the way it is.  As I said, I’m off the Blue line, and it’s nice to have a direct shot home.

Chicago’s airport runs remain pretty efficient.  Not glamorous, but fairly reliable.   For $2.50 you can’t really beat it.

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