The Tacos of Countryside

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the LaGrange Road portion of Countryside is fast food alley.  All the big chains are represented, although Long John Silvers recently gave way to a Mediterranean restaurant.  Taco Bell is far from the only taco option in Countryside, however.

Pepe’s is the old standby, a Chicago tradition for generations.  Heck, not even Kanye could resist the lure of Pepe’s in Naperville last year for a taste of home.

Cafe Salsa is across 55th street from Pepe’s and they mix a delightful margarita and melt a darn solid quesadilla:




Taco Taco is around the corner on LaGrange Rd – and they cater:



Ah, the hot carrots and jalenpenos.

Taco Taco’s spread was part of a Cinco de Mayo dinner party with my old pals.  Man, we had a blast.  Coronas and margaritas all around.



All in all, Countryside isn’t the first place in the area you think of when you think Mexican food – but the suburb is surprisingly blessed.


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