Kris Bryant Walk-off Wonder!

The Cubs are blessed to have 3 perennial MVP candidates: 2016 MVP Kris Bryant, regular top 10 finisher Anthony Rizzo and 2018 runner-up Javier Baez.  For most of April, only Javy was hitting like an MVP.   Things have changed since then.  Javy is still demolishing baseballs – but Rizzo and Bryant have joined the party.  Last night seemed like a literal party at home plate as teammates swarmed KB after he smashed a 3-run bomb in the bottom of the 9th for a walkoff game winner 5-2 over the Marlins.  Rizzo, Schwarber, Bote & Baez drenched Kris in Gatorade and I couldn’t stop smiling at home.

Bryant’s been hitting the ball with authority and silencing the doubters (loud-opinion-having-non-game-watchers & what-have-you-done-for-me-lately twittiots).  He’s hit a late-inning homer in 3 straight –  grand slam on Sunday; a moonshot Monday and a walk-off on Tuesday.  KB keeps it cool and doesn’t panic.  Talent like that combined with patience and hard work always comes around, fighting through slumps.  As KB said in his postgame press conference – and I’m paraphrasing – he’s always gotten off to good starts in the majors until this season, but you can’t get 4 hits with one swing.  Patience, trusting your process and diligence is now paying off.  If he returns to pre-shoulder injury form, with Baez, Rizzo & Willson Contreras doing what they’re doing – pray for NL pitchers.  The Cubs are sizzling right now, even during a 40-degree May at Wrigley.  Keep it up, KB.  Another night game tonight, let’s take another.  Go Cubs Go!



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