Bone Thugs-n-Harmony at Concord Music Hall

Friday night I was on the couch eating pepperoni & mushroom deep dish from My Pie when my buddy Grahamdogger texted to see if I was up for a last minute Bone Thugs show at Concord Music Hall.  It took me less than 30 seconds to consider it and respond Yes.  Concord is walking distance from me and Bone Thugs is one of the great hip-hop groups of all time.  Easy yes.

Met DJ at InnJoy for a pregame cocktail.  Bought tickets at the box office and walked upstairs.  Concord is such a fantastic venue with the bar in close proximity to the stage.  Bone constructed a magnificent six-blunt holder/smoker device that kept them high on stage.

Let’s ride, let’s ride, get high, get high…

Touching tribute to Biggie before Notorious Thugs; moment of silence for Nipsey; and of course Tha Crossroads, the everlasting song dedicated to Eazy:

Grahamdogger and I bought Thuggish Ruggish t-shirts and then the entire group was off to post-game at Green Eye, underneath the Western Blue Line stop.

If I could teach the world to be a thug-n-harmony, I would teach the world to be a thugsta just like me…


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