BRBLT: A Genius Sandwich – Andersonville

I bought a bookshelf and TV stand off Facebook marketplace with a pickup in Rogers Park.  On the way back, I realized I was near the corner of Clark & Catalpa – JB’s Deli – home of the BRBLT.  It’s basically BLT; with a thick layer of roast beef added into the equation; cradled within the softest, sweetest challah bread you’ve ever encountered.  Even the guy behind the counter making it on this visit marveled at the pure majesty of the sandwich.  He held it up in the air like Simba:



Funny, pleasant fella expressed his jealousy about my dinner.  He cut it in quarters and boxed it up with my pickle and pasta salad.




It had been more than a year since I journeyed to 5501 N. Clark for the BRBLT.  Let me tell you, I slept well that night, my friends.  Fat and happy in the knowledge I’d eaten one of the great sandwiches our city has to offer.

Go forth and seek sandwiches.


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