Korean Taco From En Hakkore

En Hakkore on Damen is one of my favorite food spots in Wicker Park.  There’s actually two locations, with another one on Milwaukee.  That’s where I got this sushi burrito one time:


Usually I when I stop into the one on Damen, I order the sashimi-bap because it’s so fresh and good and like squirting spicy red pepper sauce and salty soy sauce on each bite:


Last night I had tacos on the brain and set out wandering on foot through my taco-rich neighborhood. I was wandering aimlessly down Oakley when I suddenly remembered having a spicy pork taco at En Hakkore – one random day after a haircut – that rocked my tastebuds.  I took a left on Homer and a right on Damen.  It was a nice night for walking in Chicago.  En Hakkore’s front door was propped open, beckoning the hungry.  I decided to try Korean BBQ beef tacos, and boy I was happy I did.


Sorry, the picture is a little blurry.  I was frenzied, eating the other taco with my right hand while I snapped a pic with my left.  I’ll put this taco up against any other tacos.  It ranks with the best.  Not just fusion tacos, all tacos.  It’s a masterpiece.

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