Don’t Worry About the Cubs

The Cubs are 1-3 through 4 games and the pitching has been weak.  Besides the 8-0 April Fools’ Day disaster, the lineup has been stellar.  Javy, Bryant & Schwarber are off to good starts.  Sure, fans want to give Schwarbs the opportunity to become an everyday player instead of platooning with a rookie, but that time may come.  Joe Maddon hinted at it enough, noting Kyle’s spring success against lefties.  It’s one of the most contentious points of debate on Cubs social media during the early going.  Which brings me to my point: Baseball is not a Twitter-friendly sport.  It’s from a different era, when you went to the ballpark to pass time and cheer on the home team.  Football is perfect for hot takes.  When Cody Parkey blows a game-winning FG attempt against the Dolphins in Week 6, it does actually affect playoff positioning.  When Mark Zagunis misplays a foul pop in Game 4 of 162- setting off an unfunny comedy of errors, shrug it off and move on to the next game.  I hate to quote Aaron Rodgers, but relax.  Let’s enjoy this Cubs season, no matter what ups and downs may come.  Remember, the greatest baseball teams of all time lost 60 or more times.  Give Yu Darvish a few starts before you renew your displeasure.  Let Carl Edwards Jr. adjust to MLB’s decision that his toe tap constitutes an illegal pitch.  Enjoy a healthy Kris Bryant.  Don’t scoreboard watch, it’s April.

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I just got invited to my first game of the year, next weekend after the home opener.  That’s right – the Cubs haven’t even been home yet.  They’re playing the Angels.  My buddy Danny is taking me with some tickets he got from work.  We’re gonna go watch the Cubs battle an all-time great named Mike Trout.  I hope its a great game and the Cubs beat L.A.  But if they don’t, I’m still going to Murphy’s afterwards – and not to cry in my beer.


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