A Gorgeous Italian Beef in Galewood

I picked up some folding chairs at the Walmart Supercenter, 4650 W. North Avenue.  Mission completed, I felt I should reward myself with a beef sandwich.  About 20 blocks west is Serrelli’s – at North & Elmwood.


It’s a grocery with a sandwich counter.  I came for the Italian beef, although I was mighty tempted to try the Italian sub, turkey sub, steak sandwich and the other items scrolling by on the screen above the ordering station.  Guy behind the counter was extremely friendly.  Ordered a beef – juicy with sweet & hot and large fries.  There’s no place to sit, so you pay up at the register and take it to go.  Ate some fries on my way home – then sat down to devour the sandwich.  A beaut, isn’t it?:


Let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed eating this work of art.  Giardiniera and sweet peppers were both superb.  Bread, seasoning, everything came together nicely for a memorable post-errand lunch.


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