A Torta For Lunch is the Correct Decision

I kept putting off a trip to the post office to return some unwanted nut butter to Vitacost.com.  (Ordered the wrong almond variety).  Construction on and around Milwaukee Avenue off California caused some street closures, forcing me to park a few blocks south.  The line wasn’t too bad at the Logan Square USPS and the friendly woman behind the desk shared 2 kinds of tape that ensured my package was deliverable.  Lunch questions lingered in my body and my mind as I exited the building.  Don Chema is right down the block from the post office.  Should I go in and have a taco lunch?  Or find a sandwich shop?  Overthinking.  I sat down at Don Chema for a chicken torta, a combination of sandwich and taco.  I also got a side taco, for good measure.  Best decision I made all day Tuesday.  This torta is legit and the taco scores in all categories, too.  Very good green sauce in a bottle.  I’ll be returning, to eat more tortas.


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