Smoke Daddy Follow-up Visit

On the debut of ‘Good in Chicago’ we featured a Smoke Daddy cameo as I chowed down on wings & rib tips from the reliable Division St. BBQ standby.  The taste must’ve lingered lovingly – because I found myself at Smoke Daddy again yesterday.  I met up with my buddy Danny, who had graciously offered up his place for filming purposes, to return his keys.  He suggested we sit down for a meal.  This time I didn’t mess around – ordered a full slab of baby back ribs.  I chose cornbread and mac & cheese as my two sides plus a side salad. Pulaski Pils to wash it all down.  Danny got the St. Louis ribs with pit beans & mac & cheese following a cup of chili to start and a Daisy Cutter.


There’s a reason this place has stood the test of time on an ever-changing Wicker Park street.  Quality and smoky taste.  3 exceptional sauces in bottles on your table, too.  Here’s to great BBQ.


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