Zach LaVine is Hard to Guard

Zach LaVine glided through the air for an And-1 go-ahead layup (he missed the FT, which would’ve been his 40th point) as the Bulls shocked Jimmy Butler and the Sixers 108-107 at United Center.  Zach rose to the occasion on Jimmy’s only other game as a visitor at UC, last year vs. the TWolves.  But this is a more evolved Zach LaVine.  He proved practically unguardable in the 4th quarter and willed the Bulls to victory, with Robin Lopez playing Robin, as it were, to his Batman.  Lauri Markkanen had an off night, which is allowed.  The Markksman will bounce back.  The contest was a thrilling watch, even if local television wasn’t an option, with ESPN airing the Bulls game.  As with any national broadcast, but especially ESPN, we were force fed multiple discussions about the Lakers and LeBron, while the announcers ignored game action.  It’s almost like they treat the game as a side dish to the little sports radio talk show going on in the booth.  Once in a while they’d take notice of the amazing Arcidiacono to Porter to LaVine highlight reel play.  They also did the national TV thing, showing the most attention-seeking jackass as a misrepresentation of a loyal and studious fanbase:

Bugs me.

What kind of game attendee (notice I don’t use the word “fan”) drops $150 on a custom made jersey for a player who is unlikely to ever be a Bull; brings it to the expensive seats on a national game and waves it around until he gets on TV?  Instead, why not highlight one of the thousands of loyal fans wearing Markkanen, LaVine or classic Rose, Noah or Jordan gear? Perhaps those fans were too busy actually watching the game.

Pistons are in town Friday night and they’ve been rolling lately.  Should be a good game.  And – we get Neil & Stacey back on the mic!!  Let’s get one.

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