White Castle on the Menu for Daytona 500 Watch Party

A yearly tradition for the Daytona 500: I go to Hlavs house and watch with his entire family.  We throw in $5 & pick drivers out of a bowl to add a little excitement.  Yes, there’s a trophy involved:


The race ran smoothly until the last 20 laps – then it was fiery crash after nasty wreck.  All three of my drivers, including 7-time NASCAR champ Jimmie Johnson got wiped out in one 18-car crash.  Officials cleaned the track and the race resumed.  Hlavs’ daughter Emma (Denny Hamlin) maintained a lead over her cousin Tyler (Kyle Busch) – with Hlavs & Joey Logano hot on their trail.  Another crash sent the 500 in OT.  We filled the delay by guessing the number of White Castles that Uncle John consumed. (Answer: 11)

It wasn’t until they resumed that I noticed Jimmie Johnson had patched up his damaged Chevrloet and was running in 10th.  Champions never say die.  Alas, he didn’t have time to make a run and Denny Hamlin held the remaining field off to capture the 2019 Daytona Crown.  Tyler (last year’s champ) presented the trophy to Emma, who will retain it until next February.

I mentioned White Castle was on the menu.  Two crave cases: one cheeseburger, one hamburger.  Always a sight to behold:



I ate my fair share and took home a sack of leftover hamburgers.  Finished ’em off last night for a daily total surpassing Uncle John.  Champions never say die.

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