P.F. Chang’s in Lombard is Slammed on Saturdays

Caught my niece’s basketball game in Oakbrook then bounced over to P.F. Chang’s to dine with family.  Long table wait on a Saturday at 5pm .  Carved out some space at the bar, fortunately.  Check out my “Japanese Old Fashioned” and the Mai Tai:


Ordered everything we could handle plus a bottle of sake for the table.  Paired nicely with my Tiger beer:


Got down on my PF favorite – chicken lettuce wraps.  Plus potstickers, spring rolls and edamame.

Learned I’ve been eating edamame wrong; supposed to suck out the beans, not eat the whole thing.  Always wondered why they were so chewy.  I’m dumb.  Feasted on fried rice, Kung Pao chicken, California rolls, dim sum and more.  The ladies enjoyed cheesecake & banana egg rolls for dessert.  I was too packed to try any.  Fantastic dining experience.  It had been awhile since I’d been to a P.F. Chang’s and it delivered.

Bonus: our waiter was far more attentive than Towelie:

I like my Chang sauce plenty spicy, Towelie.  Thank you.

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