Pheasant on the Run

A fellow Bucktown resident named Gene made the community aware of a mystery & then solved it.

He posted a picture of a dead bird on the sidewalk.  He assumed it was a chicken, but a neighbor corrected him – apparently it’s a pheasant.


He reviewed video and saw a neighbor dealing with the bird carcass last night:


After a full investigation, it appears the chicken or pheasant of whatever it is escaped from that bird slaughterhouse on Armitage – the one where you can go in and pick out a live bird and they slaughter it and chop it up for you to take home and cook.  Place has been there forever.

So the chicken made a run for it, but a hawk spotted it and swooped in for the kill.  But the hawk mishandled his dinner and dropped it on the hood of a car.  The car owner saw it on his hood and kicked the dead bird across the street.


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