Hopeful About Portis/Parker for Porter Trade

That deal came out of nowhere!  The Bulls shipped Bobby Portis & Jabari Parker to the Wizards in exchange for Otto Porter.  I knew Jabari was on the block and there were rumors about Bobby, but I didn’t see the Bulls making a big trade.  Twitter was especially awful in the wake of the news.  “Fans” jumping off a bridge about taking on Otto’s big contract for 2 years.  I never understand why folks give a crap about how many millions a billionaire is paying a millionaire.

For instance, I don’t care if Tom Ricketts has to take a night job at 7-11 to help pay for Jason Heyward, Yu Darvish and a major free agent like Bryce Harper.  His evil dad could stop in for a Slurpee.  My cousin Sean, who is a Brewers fan, texted me a gif of Donald Sterling asking for forgiveness on CNN.  That’s the kind of stink the Cubs have – Donald Sterling!  Yikes.

OK, back to the Bulls.  I know, the NBA has a salary cap that doesn’t exist in baseball.  But who were the Bulls gonna get this summer?  Kevin Durant?  Obviously not.

They took a chance on a starting-caliber talent in Porter who has upside to his game.  Mark Strotman from NBC Sports Chicago dug up some inspiring stats:

I’m gonna miss Bobby and I wish Jabari got more of an opportunity here.  But this is a smart move for the future.  Listened to the Bulls Talk Podcast – which features the tremendous trio of Mark Schanowski, Kendall Gill and Will Perdue – seriously it’s my favorite sports show in the world.  They break down the trade logically and fairly and consider possibilities for the future – including one about D Rose & Taj returning next season! I would smile for a year if that happened.  Here’s a link to the Bulls Talk Podcast: https://art19.com/shows/bulls-talk-podcast

I’m sure I’ll reflect more deeply on Bobby and Jabari in the coming days.  But right now I’m busy reviewing tonight’s loss to a shorthanded Pelicans team in my head and imagining how Porter would’ve helped the Bulls win.

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