Taco (& Burrito) Tuesday – Arturo’s

Arturo’s has been a dependable part of my life for a decade or more.  It’s there for you – on the corner of Western & Armitage – any time of the day or night.  If you show up at 4am on Christmas morning, a friendly waitress is there to take your order.  If you want to sit down for an affordable breakfast on Sunday morning, Arturo’s is there.  If you need a taco fix, Arturo’s is there.

These days, I mostly stop in for dinner to-go.  Sometimes I grab an exceptional torta.  My usual, if I’m hungry, is a burrito with a taco back.  Because sometimes you just need some insurance that you won’t be a little hungry after you finish your burrito.  It’s a guaranteed fill-up.  I went with chicken for both on this occasion.  I chill out in a booth for about 8 minutes and brush up on my Spanish by watching a segment of a soap opera on TV.  The lady who usually takes my order is extraordinarily nice.  She points to me when I’m set to go and I’m on my way.

Note for entering the restaurant: They’ve got an interesting corner door situation.  Two outside doors – one facing Western and one Armitage, both lead to the inner door.  The triangulation causes some sort of wind pressure tunnel which can slam the doors.  I take great care to carefully shut the first door on the way in & out, pause in the triangle, and then carefully shut the 2nd door (inner or outer).  It can really slam & I fear a shattering of glass and/or a misleading appearance of carelessness on my permanent record.  I can’t lose my good standing at a trusty standby like Arturo’s.  Very good burritos & tacos, tremendous green sauce, always open.  Check. Check. Check.


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